About 360e Works

360e Works is a professional training initiative by Zuti and brings its long experience in successfully training and mentoring engineers to take up challenging careers in core engineering. Through this initiative we hope to bring experience based learning rooted in tried and tested pedagogic techniques for effective learning retention and knowledge building, development of critical thinking skills and successful application of learning in practical real world situations. The courses are taught by the best of practicing engineers with extensive experience.

With rapid progress of technology and commoditization of products, superior design and engineering skills have become a key decisive factor for the success of companies to enable them to continuously innovate and keep ahead of the competition. Qualified engineers well versed in design (CAD) and simulation (CAE) technologies are one of the most important resources for a company

Our Approach

Professional development is central to Zuti. Our experience-based development programs are unique and together with our partners we have developed methods to transfer experience-based knowledge

Our Partners

In partnership with Altair Engineering - the worldwide leader in Computer Aided Engineering(CAE) technologies, and Parametric Technologies Corporation - a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), we provide industry certified training courses. Advanced specialist training courses are available on request, which allow participants to interact with our experts working at the forefront of simulation and computational design technologies.

Our Teaching Philosophy